Course overview:
How to visualize data with pen and paper
like a data scientist
Free course for absolute beginners
Run at your own pace
2-weeks learning estimate
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What will you achieve?
After this course, you will be able to...
Explain what makes a data visualization good
Apply storytelling aspects to your graph and charts to make them more engaging
Select the right type of graphs and charts for your data
Describe the elements of storytelling
Design your charts and graphs so they become more engaging
Doodle and decorate your graphs and charts so they become more appealing
Who is this course for?

This course is for anybody who is working with data and needs to communicate, share and visualize data and analytics results on engaging manner. This may include a junior business professional in a role that requires data analytics or an accountant or a marketeer.

What topics will be covered
Elements of graphs and charts
Types of graphs and charts
Doodling - decorating graphs and charts

Week 1

Welcome to the course!
We are about to take off, you will meet Vladimir and he will tell you more about this course.
1.1 Welcome note VIDEO (1:10)

1.2 What to expect from the course

Characteristics and importance of data visualization
In this section, we will learn why should we visualize data at all and we will see what are the characteristics of a good data visualization
2.1 Why is data visualization important? VIDEO (0:45)

2.2 Characteristics of good data visualization

2.3 Quiz

Before we take a pen and a paper...
It does not make sense to start drawing and doodling before thinking about the message we want to deliver. Let's ask ourselves a couple of questions and reflect on what and how shall we deliver our message to the target audience.
3.1 Questions we should ask about our data

3.2 Quiz

Types of graphs and charts
Let's see what kind of graphs and charts can be used for specific visualization needs. We have to choose the right tool for a job.
4.1 Graphs and charts use cases

4.2 Part-to-whole relationship

4.3 Items comparisons

4.4 Time series

4.5 Frequency distribution

4.6 Quiz

Week 2

Doodling and storytelling
Graphs and charts are more verbose if decorated by doodles and they can tell entire stories if structured properly. Let's see some techniques and tips that can make our charts talk.
5.1 How to Doodle VIDEO (0:55)

5.2 Doodles examples

5.3 Elements of good storytelling

5.4 Make your graphs tell a story

5.5 Quiz

End note
Thank you for participating in this course and I do hope that the knowledge and experience that you gained will help you to clearly express and communicate your data!
6.1 Course summary VIDEO (0:55)

6.2 What is next?
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