Course overview:
Python - Starters kit
This is not a programming course, this course teaches about necessary steps that you must undertake before programming in Python

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What will you achieve?
After this course, you will be able to...
Explain what is Python
Set-up proper tooling for writing Python programs
Explain how Python works
Use Python for solving right problems
Install Python environment on your computer
Write a Hello World application in Python
Who is this course for?

This course is for anybody who wants to set up foundations for python programming. This may include roles that require data analytics, machine learning, or anyone wanting to become a software developer. This is not a course about Python programming, this is a course that teaches about foundations required for a programming course.

What topics will be covered
Python language history
Python interpeter
Python installation
Python code editors
Python Hello world application

Week 1

Welcome to the course!
We are about to take off, you will meet Vladimir and he will tell you more about this course.
1.1 Welcome note VIDEO (1:10)

1.2 What to expect from the course

1.3 What is the value of this course

1.4 Introduce yourself

1.5 What do you already know

In this section, we will learn about Python as a programming language, from its origins to applications.
2.1 Programming vs natural language

2.2 What is Python programming language

2.3 History of Python

2.4 What can I do with Python

2.5 How Python works

2.6 Summary

2.7 Quiz

Python environment
Python programs run in an enclosed environment within the computer OS. We will learn how to install those environments and how to use them.
3.1 What is Python environment

3.2 Anaconda

3.3 Installing Anaconda

3.4 Summary

3.5 Quiz

Tooling kits
Let's see what kind of code editors can be used for writing Python programs. We have to choose the right tool for a job.
4.1 Tools for writing the code

4.2 Visual code

4.3 Sublime

4.4 Atom

4.5 Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

4.6 Summary

4.7 Quiz

My first Python program
We will learn how to write a minimal Python program.
5.1 How to Doodle VIDEO (0:55)

5.2 Doodles examples

5.3 Elements of good storytelling

5.4 Make your graphs tell a story

5.5 Quiz

End note
Thank you for participating in this course and I do hope that the knowledge and experience that you gained will help you to clearly express and communicate your data!
6.1 Course summary VIDEO (0:55)

6.2 What is next?
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