Think like a programmer
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Week 1

Welcome to the course!
We are about to take off, you will meet Vladimir and he will tell you more about this course.
1.1 Welcome note VIDEO (6:08)

Techniques and tools
In this section, we will learn what are the tools and techniques that programmers use to analyze problems and design solutions.
2.1 Algorithms VIDEO (7:29)

2.2 Algorithms exercise VIDEO (21:50)

2.3 Knowledge bites: Algorithms VIDEO (02:04)

2.4 UML Diagrams VIDEO (07:14)

2.5 Pseudo code VIDEO (07:26)

2.6 Blockly VIDEO (11:00)

2.7 Blockly exercise VIDEO (06:56)

End note
Thank you for participating in this course and I do hope that the knowledge and experience that you gained will help you to think like a programmer!

3.1 Course summary VIDEO (07:19)