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As citizens of a global society, the influence of technology is massive. The ever succeeding world of technology will either help us succeed or hold us back.
A certain path into the prosperous future is knowledge, but knowledge itself is not enough. What makes a difference is the ability to apply that knowledge to real-life situations, and solve the problems of tomorrow.

The combination of knowledge, experience, and technology is what will keep enabling organizations and individuals to thrive in the ever-evolving world of work.

I believe that education, should be affordable and available for everyone and everywhere. Technology can help us to focus on educational content, to create it faster, easier at lower costs, and make it more engaging and fun.

If you want to grab the opportunity of growing, my teaching methods combined with my engineering and coaching experience will help you...

Gain or improve your IT skills
Gain or improve IT skills via self-paced or individual courses, if you are looking to make a career switch

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Checkout my free course: How to visualize data with pen and paper
like a data scientist

Create educational material
Create efficient and effective educational materials for your employees, if you are working in the corporate sector

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Speed up the process of creating educational materials
With Videothetics: next-gen video creation platform you can speed up the process of creating educational materials, Videothetics is the AI-powered platform

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My story
Hey, I’m Vladimir and I am based in the Netherlands.

After 16 years in the IT industry, 5+ years in the AI/ML sphere and 10 years of coaching today’s successful IT professionals, I’ve proven that combining knowledge, experience, and high-end technology is the perfect way to streamline progress.

When I decided to combine my passion for education and engineering, I realized that my mission was to make it easier for students to gain IT skills and for educators to deliver knowledge more efficiently. With the help of cutting-edge technology and cognitive science techniques.

"I’ve always had the feeling that I can do more, and help others achieve more. And by showing the knowledge in practice and applying it to real life situations, I can do exactly that." - Vladimir
I taught a machine how to teach a human being.

In 2017, after leading multiple successful teams and driving major changes in mainstream companies, I decided to become an entrepreneur. I knew that only a few journeys in the world are as rewarding as entrepreneurship. Yet, nothing is as daunting as that first step, when you decide to make a change.

With my son being 1 year old at that time, you can only imagine how challenging my life was. So I was looking for a way to implement AI and solve everyday life challenges.

My son was never still, he was climbing everywhere, and I always had to stay alert.
His climbing spot was the couch near the window, so I'd have to remind him to sit down dozens of times a day.

That’s when my engineering-problem-solving brain remembered: ‘If you have to do something twice - automate it’.

Using Deep Learning for Computer Vision, I trained my computer to recognize when my son is standing and jumping, and play a warning message: ‘Get down! Stop jumping!’

Not long after that, my son’s started responding and getting off the couch.

That was a moment of enlightenment.
I taught a machine how to teach a human being.

That was only the beginning of my entrepreneurial journey, and I’m proud to say that we are still delivering extraordinary, fully functional AI solutions at Sentiencelab.


Harnessing the power of AI to turn educational content creation process into Henry Ford’s factory line
My passion for knowledge didn’t stop with learning, or sharing it. I wanted to enable other educators to create better content, and deliver knowledge in a more efficient way.

That’s how I created Videothetics - a platform enables even the most technophobic people to create engaging educational video presentations with human-sounding voice-over and virtual speakers.

Today, Videothetics is used by companies, schools, galleries, museums and more.
Thanks to the AI engine, they are all able to create educational video presentations in hours, not months.


"I used the material that I prepared for students using your platform. Reactions are very positive. Children reacted nicely and pointed out that it is easier for them to remember when they listen and watch than when they read in a classic presentation."

Primary school Teacher
"It takes me a couple of hours to prepare a presentation, then record it as a video lesson. And so every day times 5. This is perfect."
Primary school Teacher
“One of my wishes was to hold a class without saying a word. Of course with students motivated to follow it. This makes it possible!”
High school Teacher
"Tried the platform, it's great! And the students were thrilled with created videos."
Primary school Teacher
Mentoring individuals to enter the IT world.
From the first line of code to turning an idea into a profitable product.

Despite my knowledge and experience, I would not have been able to achieve anything if I hadn't sought a way to apply them to real-world challenges. 
That’s the main principle that I rely on when coaching aspiring IT professionals. 
Besides the technical skills, it’s critical for them to be able to understand the concept, and how they can use those tech skills to create something they will be able to live on. 

Due to this approach, more than 20 university students have passed 50-60 exams, and dozens of them entered and succeeded in the IT world. 

Besides providing online courses that students can follow at their own pace, I’m also tailoring individual solutions and learning journeys for everyone who want to succeed programming, machine learning and related technologies. 

"Very well organized, going step by step and very thorough in his teachings. With only a few classes we managed to achieve a lot and go through everything that we planned to do."
Student of Computer Sciences
"It is a pleasure to listen to a lecturer like this!"
High school Teacher
"Thank you very much! The lecture was really interesting, educational and interesting."
Primary school Teacher
"Interesting, professional, interesting, motivating. Many thanks!"
Primary school Psychologist
‘What is important is that you learn the CONCEPT. A complete concept for the development of one application and technology that will enable you to turn your idea into a profitable product. In the course, I learned exactly that: how to turn an idea into something you will be able to live on. Whether you are working for someone or planning to start your StartUp from the living room. From basics (algorithms), first lines of code in Java programming language, basics of HTML and CSS, JavaScript to creating a complete Java web application, from scratch to knowledge that you can charge for in many ways. I have not repented, my warm recommendation for this course.’ - Marina, Enterpreneur

Creating educational materials based on the metacognitive processes, to help HR professionals and Learning Specialists educate their employees more efficiently
In the ever-changing world of work, making significant organizational changes and motivating employees is more challenging than ever. To stay ahead of the curve, companies are adding continued education for their employees as part of their benefits. 

During the collaboration with different corporations, I realized that a well-designed employee education program contributes to motivation, loyalty and productivity. When they have more to offer, people become confident and independent in their work. 

Based on the metacognitive processes, human-centric agile principles and especially designed learning frameworks, I help companies create and design educational materials for their employees.

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